Renter intelligence that drives leases

Improve tour-to-lease conversion rates, lower CAC, and get reliable comps data with accurate self-reported renter insights that turn leasing teams into superheroes.

Presenting The Next CRM Platform - StarUp X Webflow Template
Presenting The Next CRM Platform - StarUp X Webflow Template

Unlock your property's potential

Tourus uses self-reported renter feedback to uncover your property's most desirable features and helps you design tour experiences that delight renters and turn them into happy residents.

Turn leasing teams into super heroes

Make every prospect feel like your property was made just for them, and craft personalized tours to showcase the features that matter the most.

Stop losing prospects

Don't guess what puts off your prospects. Find and fix potential issues with actual prospect feedback reported during tours.

Outperform your competition

Know your prospects' shopping behavior and win them with pricing, amenities, and concession strategies your comps can't match.

Tourus automatically tracks which properties renters favorite, tour, and apply for, so you don't have to rely on renter feedback you may never get.

Power your marketing with renter data

Don't leave your marketing to chance. Leverage deep insights on what sets your properties apart, what renters really want, and create effective campaigns that drive results.

Powerful tools to help you lease faster

Fast onboarding

Get up and running in minutes, not weeks, and start unlocking your property's potential from day one.

Tour activation kit

We'll send you everything you need (QR codes, posters) to activate your prospects and start collecting feedback.

Customizable renter insights

Tailor the data points collected from your prospects to the unique needs of your portfolio.

Leasing Teams Feedback

Feedback tools that help leasing teams remember everything from every tour.

Reporting dashboard

All your insights in one place, for high level overviews or in depth analysis.

For your entire team

Share renter intelligence with anyone in your team, easily, at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to help you evaluate whether Tourus might be a good fit for you.

How does Tourus work?

Tourus helps properties uncover their unique selling points, what pushes renters away, as well as information about what other properties prospects are looking at, ultimately improving customer acquisition costs, tour to lease conversion rates, and marketing initiatives.

How does Tourus get renter data?

Tourus relies on self-reported renter feedback collected before, during, and after a tour to understand their behavior during their apartment search.

What makes Tourus unique?

Tourus's approach focuses on making the renting process equitable for everyone involved. It helps renters to navigate the traditionally stressful journey to find a new home, while offering properties insights that help them better align their offering with what renters want, while lowering CAC and optimizing conversions.

How do I start?

It's easy to onboard with Tourus. We'll get your properties up and running in no time and send you renter activation kits for all your properties, so you can start seeing renter feedback within days.