We’re on a mission to simplify communication

At Tourus, we believe authenticity and human connection are what builds community, and we are committed to building communication software with that in mind.

After years of working with apartment owners and operators, our founders saw that technology was often hindering team performance, so we started Tourus in 2021 to fix that. Our focus on empowering people makes every interaction faster, better, and more impactful, amplifying the capabilities of on-site teams and enhancing renter experiences.

We make software that amplifies, not replaces on-site teams.

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Meet The Team Behind Tourus

Founded in New York City by Lindsay Martinez, Thalida Noel, and Tudor Manole, Tourus was born from a shared passion for empowerment, equity, and opportunity. Our founders hail from diverse backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective to the real estate rental industry.

United by a vision to revolutionize communication between renters and property teams, they have crafted a platform that stands as a testament to the power of diverse ideas and inclusive solutions.

Lindsay Martinez

Co-founder & CEO

Thalida Noel

Co-founder & CTO

Tudor Manole

Co-founder & CPO

What drives us

At the heart of Tourus are our core values. These principles don't just define us— they guide every decision and innovation, and push us to better ourselves as individuals, and as a company.


We prioritize the human experience above all, ensuring our technology serves people, not the other way around.


Our openness fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration, internally, with our clients, and with our treasured users.


Curiosity drives us to constantly explore new ideas, ensuring we're always at the forefront of technology and service excellence.

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