Hello, we're Tourus

Tourus is a software company founded by Lindsay Martinez, Thalida Noel, and Tudor Manole, based in New York City. We believe apartment renting should be enjoyable for everyone involved, and are committed to helping renters and properties find each other in the easiest way possible.

The Team Behind Tourus

Lindsay and Thalida founded Tourus after bonding over Lindsay's idea to create a more equitable process for renters and property owners at a mutual friend's birthday party. They then brought on Tudor, Lindsay's former colleague at a previous startup (Funnel Leasing), to help bring their vision to life.

What drives us

We created our values from our deep desire to help simplify and organize the rental experience for property owners and renters alike.


We believe in empowering renters and property owners with trusted, relevant data that gives them confidence they are finding the right fit.


We support equitable rental experiences for all, regardless of income, background, or other factors that impact finding the right home.


We bridge the gap in fragmented communication and information between renters and property owners, to simplify and shorten the process.

Unlock your property's potential!