Renter FAQs

How does Tourus help me?

Think of Tourus as your assistant for your rental search! We are dedicated to helping make your rental journey easy AND to help you find the right place for you. 

Did you know that over half of renters who move to another rental within the same county do so because they're not happy with their home? Don't let this be you! Even in tight markets, it's so important to make the right decision - your happiness and wallet depend on it! 

1. Organize and streamline your search.

2. Have all of the information you need (about your new home AND your feedback) in one place.

How do I search for a property?

On mobile: On any building, unit or room page, click the arrow in the top left corner and you’ll be taken to your dashboard with the search bar. 

On desktop: You can click the Tourus logo at any time to be brought to your dashboard and search for a property. Alternatively, on any building, unit or room page, click the arrow in the top left corner to get to your dashboard. 

How can I compare and contrast everywhere I toured?

On your dashboard, click "Compare units" to choose up to 5 units to compare. To use the compare view, you must have added unit(s) and notes. You will see the unit and building feedback in your compare view.

I added notes to the building, but can't compare them.

To compare properties/units, you must add units and notes on the unit-level.

Will you give me a suggested pick based on my ratings?

This is something we’re working on! Sign up here to get notified when we launch.

How are my ratings calculated?

Your Overall Score is based on your unit and property-level scores. Your unit and property-level scores are calculated based on your responses to each of the fields for unit/property. We will be expanding this methodology to account for priorities, so be sure to get notified as we expand our feature set!

Is my data shared?

Your feedback is anonymized and aggregated to share an overall picture of renter sentiment and help properties better serve you. You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

I have feedback!

We want to hear! What would make your renting experience better? Get in touch with us!