Your onsite team's virtual office

The apartment industry’s first ever app built to power communication and empower your teams.

Redefine your renter communication

We’ve worked with hundreds of leasing professionals to build the ultimate work-from-everywhere tools.
Enhance how your team works and sells with our thoughtful and human-centric approach.

Text from anywhere

Between tours, at home, or in the office, your team can reach renters at the right time.

Send media of any size

Tourus saves large media to the cloud and sends prospects links to full-resolution videos and photos.

Smart templates

Follow up in seconds with 1-tap personalized templates to engage prospects at any stage.

AI assistant

Built to work with your team - always in the loop, there when you need it.

Perfect the apartment tour

Most leasing agents forget important tour details or get confused from back to back tours.

Let your team focus on the close. We'll do everything else during the tour: record voice & text notes, run surveys, and give your leasing professionals the context they need to give their best tours.

2 in 3

agents use pen & paper for tour notes

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Renter management for today's teams

Refreshingly simple

Cut out the noise with tools that focus on what you actually need.


Invest in your biggest asset - your teams.

Fairly priced

Technology shouldn't cost more than your team.

What's your mobile strategy?

79% of renters prefer to text properties, and your team is already texting using non-industry tools. Tourus gives you the visibility you need, while empowering your team to text from anywhere.

I just need to talk to prospects while I’m away from my computer, but the CRM only tracks what is done there. My manager always asks why I’m not following up, but I am! Just not with our CRM.

Leasing agent, Houston

I try to communicate via text as much as possible. I find that that helps me to create that urgency with clients and I'm able to reel them in a little bit faster.

Leasing agent, Chicago

…on the follow ups, every agent's doing it individually, whether it's phone, text, email, whatever. And again, that's a black hole. I have no idea what our follow up rates are, even with our CRM.

Leasing executive, San Francisco

In the CRM if I get a notification back for a text message, I'm not gonna see it until that next day, you know, whereas the app that I have on my phone, I can see it majority of the time someone texts.

Leasing agent, Atlanta

Why Tourus?

Native mobile app to message renters from anywhere
AI assistant that works with, not against your team
Human-centric software your teams will love
Fair pricing, aligned with your team

One app for all your renter communication

Renter communication is shifting from calls and emails to text based messaging (SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger). Tourus makes communication fast & effective across all channels.

Get started with Tourus today

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