The only app for leasing professionals.

Get through prospect conversations faster and lease more with the only app built for apartment leasing teams. Download our first version below and start texting with your prospects from anywhere.

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Centralize & personalize communication

Tourus helps leasing teams respond to prospects faster, more personal, and more helpful than ever from the convenience of their mobile phones, while on the go.

Omni-channel messaging

All communication in one place
Texts, emails, calls, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more – all in one place so you never miss an opportunity to turn your prospects into residents.

Smart conversations

AI assistant, not replacement
Our AI builds renter profiles automatically from conversations, and helps you personalize every interaction without sacrificing your personal touch.

Team collaboration

Work fast, together
Comment, tag team members, and work together to help prospects get closer to the finish line. Everything is saved on the prospect profile for easy access.
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Better tours, better follow ups!

Start tours, access property and prospect info on the go, and add voice or text notes from your phone as you show apartments.

After the tour, we'll transcribe recordings and save your notes on the prospect record, to save you time and help you craft the perfect follow-up before getting back in the office.

Your leasing office, on the go!

Unified inbox

All prospect inquiries in one place, prioritized by AI, and ready for you to conquer.

Integrated calendar & contacts

Sync your schedule and prospect information with the tools you use the most.

Share property details, quickly

Send prospects photos, documents and information about your property directly from you phone.

Bring your number

Use your property's phone number for clear, consistent communication, or get a new one.

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Tourus was built with leasing teams

We spoke with hundreds of leasing professionals to understand their needs, frustrations, and challenges with existing leasing tools, and created Tourus for them, and for you. Here are some of the things they shared.

“I just need to talk to prospects while I’m away from my computer, but the CRM only tracks what is done there. My manager always asks why I’m not following up, but I am! Just not with our CRM.”
“…on the follow ups, every agent's doing it individually, whether it's phone, text, email, whatever. And again, that's a black hole. I have no idea what our follow up rates are, even with our CRM.”
“I try to communicate via text as much as possible. I find that that helps me to create that urgency with clients and I'm able to reel them in a little bit faster.”
“In the CRM if I get a notification back for a text message, I'm not gonna see it until that next day, you know, whereas the app that I have on my phone, I can see it majority of the time someone texts.”
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