Finally – tools built for your team

Tourus empowers onsite teams to easily connect with renters across devices, automate what should be automated, and never miss a lead – all while providing a personalized experience.

AI built for your property

Humans should control the automation – not the other way around. Tourus AI assistant adapts to the needs of your teams and properties. You craft the conversation, turn automation on or off, and let Tourus turn conversations into data points and guest cards.

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Work from anywhere

It’s a mobile world, we just live in it. Tourus’s end-to-end mobile features give your teams the power to communicate with and manage renters from their phones, while capturing critical information that typically gets lost with desktop-based software.

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Amplify your tours

In a world of self-guided tours, 81% are still agent-led. With Tourus, leasing agents can capture tour details easily and quickly through notes and voice notes, transcribed and summarized to take action.

Get prospect context in seconds during the tour
Capture important voice notes during & after the tour
Custom prospect & agent surveys
Track tour duration & times and optimize your team's schedule

Frequently asked questions

Can I also use Tourus on my computer?

Yes! Tourus is fully desktop-optimized.

Does Tourus replace xyz software?

Tourus is your end-to-end communication tool, and we’re building to optimize the entire workflow. Let’s chat!

Does Tourus integrate with my PMS/CRM/resident app/etc.?

Get in touch so we can better understand your tech stack and advise on where Tourus fits in.

Do renters need to download Tourus?

No – your recipients will receive text messages just as they normally would.

Does our property need to get a new phone number?

We can port your property’s current number or generate a new number(s), and can support any team set up with team, property and/or agent-level numbers.

Can I send photos & videos with Tourus?

Absolutely. Tourus’s unique media links allow you to send photos & videos of any size without compromising their quality. No more Dropbox links - shoot and send instantly!

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